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Nui Bai Tho, Poem Mountain, Halong

Nui Bai Tho, Poem Mountain, Halong

Poem Mountain stands over the city of Hon Gai. On his visit to Ha Long, King Le Thanh Tong (15th century) wrote a poem glorifying Ha Long's beauty. This poem is carved on a stele on Nui Truyen Dang which was later renamed Nui Bai Tho or Poem Mountain. The King was a poet and the person responsible for forming the group of intellectuals, Tao Dan Nhi Thap Bat Tu, or Tao Dan twenty-eight scholars.

Cua Ong Temple is located on a hill over looking Bai Tu Long Bay. The temple was built as a shrine to mandarin Tran Quoc Tang, the son of Vietnams most famous general Tran Hung Dao.

In 1283, during the height of the war against Mongolia, Tran Quoc Tang was sent here to build a fort to defend this frontier. This area was known for its rough and less than ideal conditions. Tran Quoc Tang created a government here and turned the area into a prosperous place. Tran Quoc Tang was made supreme commander and became one of Vietnams most successful general. During this period, there were many bands of outlaws and pirates harassing the people in this region. General Tang successfully wiped out many of these bandits and brought peace to this area. He was also successful in keeping the great Mongolian army at bay during their numerous attempt to invade Vietnam. The people revered him so much that he became a demigod to them. So much reverence was given to general Tang that he was dubbed King of the Sea while he was still alive

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